"Do I Really Need a Sketchbook?"

My students often ask me..."Do I really need a sketchbook?"  The answer is simply..."You better believe you need one."  But let me take a moment to explain why.

Drawing is not a talent.  Sure, there may be some "talent" involved in being an "artist", but being an artist is something entirely different from being able to draw well.  Drawing is a skill for communication.  It is a skill.  And any skill can be taught, learned, and developed.

That's right - drawing can be learned by anyone.  And anyone can draw well - if they desire to do so.

Now, don't get me wrong here.  You can't just say "I want to draw well" - and it will happen for you.  I said that you must have the desire to draw well.

Desire is what guides accomplishment.  True desire breeds discipline and the dedication to improvement.  And when you are disciplined and determined to improve, it will come.

If drawing well is your desire, then here are the steps that need to be taken...

1. Learn the fundamentals

2. Practice

3. Learn some more

4. Practice

5. Repeat steps 4 and 5

Like any other skill, drawing must be practiced in order for you to become a "master" at it.  Remember, drawing is not a talent that you either can or can't do.  Once you learn the fundamentals you must practice them.  Then, when you are ready, learn more.  Then practice those skills.

There is no shortcut, no single YouTube tutorial, no fast way to develop.  Remember - there must be desire.

Understandably, there will be mistakes along the way.  These are part of the journey.  These mistakes are a huge part of the growth factor.  Embrace them - but don't quit.  You have to be willing to make these mistakes in order to grow.


In Comes the Sketchbook

This is why it is absolutely essential to have a sketchbook.  You need a place to practice - a place to make mistakes - a place to grow.  A sketchbook provides an artist a place to work out ideas, to practice drawing objects, people, animals, working with a variety of drawing materials, etc.

A sketchbook is absolutely vital to your growth.  If drawing well is your desire, then your sketchbook should be your best friend.

You should spend time with your sketchbook everyday, drawing whatever you can put your eyes on - even if it is for just a couple of minutes that you can spare.

And you can do it all without judgment - because it is your sketchbook.